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MaiPDF shares your PDF files with a URL

PDF to A Link: simple and easy
Sharing a pdf file could be done through “direct sending”, attached somewhere, or sharing online by a link or a QR code. Making the pdf into some kind of read mode can normally be achieved by “copy, print and download protection”, beyond that , by we also want to control the user behaviours of “screen capture”, and expiring the view-ability after a certain time, this will stop the unwanted spreading of information. 

MaiPDF PDF can be shared by a file or just a secure link viewer at a limited number of controls meant that the clients eBook could only be viewed by one user of a purchase. So for example, the link could not be shared around with multiple users, and after the viewable limited of open reached, the file will no longer be available Each times limitation meant, during each open of a file, the total reading session is set to be to prevent the leaking possibilities, for example, you can set a pdf to be read for 5 times, and 60 seconds for each open time. Tracking of the reading records let you know when the file was opened. And you can change the reading settings after the files have been sent out.

What is the price to pay
MaiPDF DON’T require you to login to upload the file, instead, go straight to upload page, and upload your file, you get a link and share it. After sometime, you go back to check who has read your files.

What is the Protection of sharing from MaiPDF
At MaiPDF’s Share Link, the person CANNOT download your PDF, CANNOT Make a Copy / Duplicate it on their side. You can set how many times to be read, what is the length of each reading period. MaiPdf Offers the feature of tracking,you can have a overview of who has read your PDF files MaiPDF offers free DRM to the public and takes no cost.And the DRM techniques offered by MaiPDF is similar to other expensive commerical tools. People can add an extra protection layer to their PDF files to prevent them from being copying , sharing , printing or downloading. In order to make DRM-proteced file works in different situations.MaiPDF offers two way of restricting sharing: Onlien and Offline.

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