Send PDF like Privnote link

Send PDF like Privnote link that will self-destruct after being read.Do you have PDF files that you need to share, but to which you do not want to give the users permanent access? Well, with a technology solution like Digital Rights Management (DRM) you can control how long people can access your documents. Once the expiry date or days use specified has been reached, the PDF files will automatically expire and will no longer be accessible.You can also expire PDFs after a given number of views. Here, the number of times the PDF has been used will determine when it expires.

This is a quite common question asked on the Internet.But people had been struggle to find the answer until MaiPDF DRM came out! Once a confidential PDF document has been sent out to the others,we want to keep the control of the file,and wish to destroy that file on a certain day or expired to be not opened after some times. the PDF will become inaccessible on the fixed date. This is helpful when publishing a confidential report which the intended users should not retain. MaiPDF website brings you a secure means of sharing your print materials in the form of pdfs without paying a cent. What is even thrilling, the platform gives you the autonomy to own and control your content with a free DRM feature and enable you to create permission and establish constraints on your pdf file.

Upload PDF file

Choose any kinds of PDF files,with password is ok in MaiPDF.And the DRM techniques offered by MaiPDF is similar to other expensive commerical tools. People can add an extra protection layer to their PDF files to prevent them from being copying , sharing , printing or downloading.

Making Restriction Settings

DRM methods auto-generate usage rights for all files shared online and enables you to create an expiration date for the document and number of times the document is re-readable.

Share Your File

Versatile platform Once you upload and share your document using MaiPDF websites,you can easily share your pdf file with a link, qr code or by emails.

Tracking reading behaviours

After a file has been shared, we are often concerned about how many times our files have been viewed. Don't worry. For readling limitd that have been set to less than 10,000 times, MaiPDF will provide a record of when the user opened the document and the type of the device.

Can You Revoke PDF Access?

MaiPDF enables you to revoke access to PDF files instantly so that all user access is terminated.So even after the files have been shared, you still have a firm control over the use of the files! You can view the instructional videos in the tool, very simple

Privnote is a secure website that lets you send private messages to friends and family that automatically delete themselves after opening. This is excellent for critical data you’d rather not have fall into the wrong hands, as well as brief messages you don’t want clogging up your inbox. However, it's only allow you to edit text note, which is less meaningful than a colorful pdf file, and maipdf also has more restriction mode on sharing such as customized reading times.

MaiPDF also gives you the ability to track the IP address of every user with access to a pdf file you have shared with them, hence the control to know to access your information. Our website is the first free solution that gives you the ability to share confidential information using pdf with DRM methods as an encryption layer. No other websites are offering free DRM solutions for the protection of print materials shared online. Enjoy, faster, better, and secure means of sharing information using pdf both online and offline anyway at any time.


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