How to use IP Logger Grabify

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Easies ip grabber tool to use
IP address can give you a rough information about the location of states or cities. And we also know a common website can log someone’s IP address while they are visiting the sites.
With , you can quickly generate a disguised link, and send it to someone, after someone opens the link, you will be able to find his/her IP address.
The is a nice easy tool to perform such jobs, it narrow down all the unnecessary steps in order to make the job easy to be done.

Step One: go to the

Step Two: Enter any website address, this is the website that people will see while whom opening your disguised link, after entering, Click “generate” button.

Step Three: send this link through any instant messenger

Finally: wait for some times, and check the result page, and be aware, IM like iMessage or Facebook bot will also open your link, so check with the device information, and make sure you find the right IP address.

Grabify will provide you the information of target’s device information, Timezone, IP addresses.

There are more disguisble tool to use, such as a pdf link file or a link which can show pictures