To set an expiration date on a PDF document

Q: I want to set an expiration date on a PDF document so that the PDF expires after a certain amount of time and can no longer be open?

Answer: This is a quite common question asked on the Internet.But people had been struggle to find the answer until MaiPDF DRM came out! Once a confidential PDF document has been sent out to the others,we want to keep the control of the file,and wish to destroy that file on a certain day or expired to be not opened after some times.

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MaiPDF offers free DRM to the public and takes no cost.And the DRM techniques offered by MaiPDF is similar to other expensive commerical tools. People can add an extra protection layer to their PDF files to prevent them from being copying , sharing , printing or downloading.
In order to make DRM-proteced file works in different situations.MaiPDF offers two way of restricting sharing: Onlien and Offline.

Let's start with Offline mode firstly
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This technique works like Adobe-DRM or Locklizard-PDC. It takes a pdf file,adding encrytion,adding extra security setting, then make it into a common .html file in order to work on all kinds of operating system and requring no software installation.
Other commercial tools usually need to download extra software/plugin.Different PDF readers have issue of compatibility

Online version is now easier to understand
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In order to let your file share to the other people easier,we offer online sharing method which turning your file into a quick non-ads link. Though it's online,you can still link your files to restriction settings.Features like downloading, printing, copying are disabled.