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We heard the ads "Each time you share a digital document, the minute you've sent it, you are no longer in control", where is the free tool to accomplish this task?
You're in right place. while doctracker was acquaried and no longer free, other tool like Docsend is cost and may not useful for single file, people waste a bunch of time on demo and quote. Now in MaiPDF, it's free, user-friendly, and got all the functions they had before.In MaiPDF, we are offering two ways of PDF sharing. Online and offline.

Online Version

The way which online DRM means: Upload pdf files (with password or not) to MaiPDF site, and turning that file into a web link or an QR Code, and you can set up your own pdf DRM into that sharing link, you can add “the maximum open times allowed for this pdf file”, “the reading during for each time that file is open”. After that, you can track the result of read.

offline version

The way which mean by offine DRM is make your PDF file into a readable HTML file which compatible to all most all the modern browser, reader can open the files in browsers like Chrome Firefox, Edge etc. The offline file is like other expensive DRM supplier do, the file needs to be verified to a validation server through before it can be open.

Settup the DRM: Open Times & Reading Duration

Sets the number of times the PDF file can be viewed and the length of each viewable duration. It can be set up to 2.1 billion times, and users can set it according to their own needs. It doesn't matter if you are not satisfied with the setting at the beginning, because after generating and sharing, you can still modify the number of times according to the website's modification code, or even replace the files in the link or two-dimensional code

How it look like
How it look like when people tried to copy&print
How to track the doc open records
How to delete or revoke access


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