share pdf online without downloading

Sharing a pdf file could be done through “direct sending”, attached somewhere, or sharing online by a link or a QR code. Making the pdf into some kind of read mode can normally be achieved by “copy, print and download protection”, beyond that , by we also want to control the user behaviours of “screen capture”, and expiring the view-ability after a certain time, this will stop the unwanted spreading of information.
This online tool instantly begin the process of setting up the expiration dates on your pdf files for ease and security. You can decide the amount of time you want in advance based on your preference. The best part of using MaiPDF DRM is that you do not have to go through hassles of signing up and it is completely free to use Thus, MaiPDF offers all the benefits that is traditionally offered by a high-priced commercial tool!You don't need to install software. You can convert various documents in different formats to PDF files and view them online in real time.

Upload file

Just drag and drop your file in the box above. Allinpdf will automatically identify your file format and convert it to a PDF file. You can see the content immediately without downloading the file.

Restriction setting

Sets the number of times the PDF file can be viewed and the length of each viewable duration. It can be set up to 2.1 billion times, and users can set it according to their own needs. It doesn't matter if you are not satisfied with the setting at the beginning, because after generating and sharing, you can still modify the number of times according to the website's modification code, or even replace the files in the link or two-dimensional code

Settup the DRM: Open Times & Reading Duration

After the link has been generated,you can open to see your PDF file, and under this page, the PDF file cannot be copied, printed or downloaded. Under the safe view, it also has some key press protection, such as the file dimming when certain keys are triggered, and the mouse trying to move out of the frame has the corresponding protection limit. Of course, there is no protection against screen recording, but PDF files are usually dozens of pages long, and if you try dozens of pages of screenshots, they are rarely present. The MAIPDF restriction is also a strong deterrent to illegal distribution of files.

How it look like
How it look like when people tried to copy&print
How to track the doc open records
How to delete or revoke access


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