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Do not succumb to the fear of sharing information online and accidentally exposing vital and confidential information to the wrong hands. Pdf files have become the easiest and fastest means of sharing print materials in every aspect of our lives. Our society thrives out of information.
Some PDF files contain useful information, such as company accounts, employee's details (Personal identifiable Information-PIN, bank account details, intellectual property, and trade secrets) with a huge financial burden when they fall in the wrong hands, such as hackers. It is also not common for you to set up an expiration date on pdfs files before sharing both online and offline. Worry not, because this is where MaiPDF website usefulness comes in. We help remove the tiniest bits of doubt, young Brad in Atlanta, Georgia has, when he wants to pitch an idea to a big corporation that could land him grants for a start-up, to fulfill live his dream.

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MaiPDF website lets you send your documents with confidence. You do not have to worry about security concerns because you accidentally leaked vital and confidential information to the hands of hackers. Even a virus attack known to cause havoc and steal sensitive information cannot stand against DRM methods used in MaiPDF to add a layer of encryptions on top QR scan codes that enables you to share PDF file both online and offline. Our website allows you to upload files, and share pdfs confidently using links encrypted with the DRM digital key, which you can share as an HTML extension, and set a time limit with an expiration date on the print materials both online and offline.

Why you should choose MaiPDF website?
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DRM methods for encryption Another popular method is using JavaScript to limit view times by setting expiration time and date for your document. Choosing the latter method comes with -pay a price tag on it. Black hat hackers can bypass its security features and gain access to confidential information, which is contrary to DRM methods used with MaiPDF to secure your pdf files both offline and online. DRM methods auto-generate usage rights for all files shared online and enables you to create an expiration date for the document and number of times the document is re-readable. Remember, JavaScript methods only support a few pdf's file formats, which limits the type of files you can send secured online, not a better option when compared to DRM methods. The DRM on our website gives you a faster means to establish usage rights on your document without a struggle that other online users complain of while browsing other websites' diminishing user experience. Use QR for an added layer of encryption. This is another great feature availed to help you rid doubts of sharing pdf with sensitive information online or offline with a simple scan that you can use to distribute pdf files to your audience. The recipient (s) will use a QR scan code to gain access to the information inside the pdf. You can limit access, using recipient (s), time, date, and track pdf file reading at no cost. Easy, simple, fast, and secure MaiPDF is easy and faster to use. The interface for the website is simply giving you the ability to dive directly into sharing your pdf, both online and offline. You do need to login to access services offered with our platform that is time-consuming and cumbersome in instances that require urgency. You go straight on the landing page and upload your document. The upload page also generates you a link for the document that you can share with your audience through QR scan codes. Once you generate the link into the QR code and share it with your audience, they cannot duplicate or copy its contents. Our team of experts has ensured that the website also prevents you from taking screenshots in your document. All forms of tricks you can use to copy or duplicate pdf files you can restrict with features we provide on our website before sharing your document with your audience.
Other commercial tools usually need to download extra software/plugin.Different PDF readers have issue of compatibility

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your document with your audience. You can also set the number of times your audience can read your print materials, including the length of each reading period. This tool allows you to determine when you will destroy a pdf document once your recipients have read it. The website QR scan code also allows you to open up information quickly with a simple scan that gives you access to all the useful information meant for your view. The generation of QR code involves two important things: you first will attach your PDF document online where you can store it, and generate a link that you can allow your recipients to access it with and obtain the information they require. Free services Surprise! MaiPDF website brings you a secure means of sharing your print materials in the form of pdfs without paying a cent. What is even thrilling, the platform gives you the autonomy to own and control your content with a free DRM feature and enable you to create permission and establish constraints on your pdf file. Other websites offer you the DRM technique at a steep price to create encryption based on the users, the contents and establish usage rights on your pdf files. All the features, including the generation of QR codes, are free. Stop needless expenditures when sharing vital and confidential print materials online and offline, especially when you want a secure means and a method to set an expiration date to your pdf.
The website also gives you the ability to track the IP address of every user with access to a pdf file you have shared with them, hence the control to know to access your information. Our website is the first free solution that gives you the ability to share confidential information using pdf with DRM methods as an encryption layer. No other websites are offering free DRM solutions for the protection of print materials shared online. Enjoy, faster, better, and secure means of sharing information using pdf both online and offline anyway at any time. Versatile platform Once you upload and share your document using MaiPDF websites, your recipients can download and read its content across multiple platforms, such as Windows and Mac operating systems. You will not have to worry about incompatibility issues because of different operating platforms that limit access to pdf files once you share it to your intended recipient. Mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS OS, are also compatible with the website allowing you to access pdf files shared using DRM techniques intended for setting expiration date and time. Our teams of experts ensured the websites craftily included kernels for diverse operating systems while coding it to allow you to access our services across multiple platforms without efficiently and without constraints. When you think of sending confidential information using pdf both online and offline, always remember MaiPDF that helps you set an expiration date for your document and constrain it, users, using a free DRM method. Our website strives to offer free and reliable solutions to everyone, including small and big businesses, research institutes, individuals, and government corporation secure means to share sensitive and vital information in print material.