What is Grabify ICU?

Grabify is a free web-based IP getting and URL shortening tool. From this tool, you can easily take anyone’s IP Address to get their location. But let us tell you, there are a number of similar tools available on the internet, who do this job. We preferred Grabify because of its simplicity and its straight-to-the-point design. A quick search in Google would show its popularity and its extensive usage. In fact, it currently possesses 66,073,484 IP logs registered on its database.

How to use Grabify to know someone’s location? It is as simple as sending them a link. Grabify removes the entire technicalities and just provides you only the knowledge you require.

Grabify ICU Link
1. Your new URL. This normally seems like “https://grabify.link/ABC123”. This would be what you can send to the person you want to get his/her location or friend. It is advised to renew the field to something else, so your target does not get to know it is a grabify link because of its fame
2.Your tracking code would be what you would enter to reach your logs.
3.Your access link is the link that benefits you to survey your logs by immediately visiting it. This can lessen you the burden of coming back to the homepage to insert your tracking code anytime you wish to inspect your logs. You might want to copy that too.
Smart Logger Feature is an innovative feature that recently launched by grabify to give further information about your target. Such information covers your target’s device information, its charging state, battery percentage, his/her device’s GPU, if he/she is entering the link over a Tor exit node, if they are reaching over VPN and a whole bunch of amazing information. You surely want to get it notified.
After you are certain they might have clicked, or you must have inquired with them if they have checked out the link. Go on to Grabify’s homepage and insert your tracking code, or better to use the access link you had already copied to take you directly to your logs. Now you can get the Results section, refreshed with actual data about the target that has checked the link. This covers his/her location!

Much Easier than other tools like Grabify.Link or IPLogger

Interesting Email Tracker

It called web beacons, web bugs, tracking bugs, web tags, page tags, pixel tags, 1 x 1 GIFs, and clear GIFs. With email, sometimes the overall concept’s known as “open tracking.” “Read receipts” are a related idea. You probably haven’t seen a tracking pixel, at least not with your naked eyes, because they can literally be a single 1 x 1 pixel image buried somewhere in an email or webpage. Did we mention they’re often completely invisible, because they’re transparent? Oh, and they might actually be embedded in that image of the sender’s signature — or even the fancy font they’re using. Really, anything that sends a request to a remote server can be used as a tracking tool.

Using a customized image to find someone's IP
Find out more! check it out on https://grabify.icu